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Our Commitment.

The motivation for us to start Nuterials was to find a solution to the growing plastic pollution and climate crisis. We found packaging as the main sector using plastics and fossil-based plastics are still leading the market. With more than 250 million tonnes of plastic waste annually, 450 million tonnes of new plastic every year, and about 2.8 giga tonnes of CO2 emissions until 2050, we all know that yesterday was the day to take action. 

So Marco, Maren, and Carla found Nuterials in October 2023, scoring initial funding and support from Nordic Bio Venture. Since then we have been working on optimizing our solution and finding the best recipe to create upcycled material for packaging primarily from nutshell waste. Souring locally in Europe, we are based in Denmark and operate in Copenhagen. 

The Nutcrackers.

Our exciting vision is driven by a motivated, diversly skilled team.

Supported By.


Ulrik Larsen

>10 years of Experience in Cosmetics & Personal Goods Industry


Nordic BioVentures

Josephine Schrøder Warming & Will Wright


Prof. Anette Müllertz (UCPH)

Expertise in Polymers

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Write us here or at to explore collaborations, talk packaging, or have your questions answered.

Also feel free to call us at +45.50377530

Located at Symbion, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Thanks for reaching out!

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